Gun range in Prague

Do you like adrenalin? Can you shoot or do you want to learn it? You have a chance. Come to the gun range in Prague! It will be an unforgettable experience. Do you think that good weather is necessary for this sport? No. You have bad information because, In our gun range, it isn´t necessary because we are preparing for both variants. Everything is up to you. Your wishes are our joy. Your decision is important. Outside or inside. You can be everywhere, so the weather is not your barrier to the shooting. Your dreams come true if you want.


Maybe you are a beginner or you are not sure if shooting is the right sport for you. It´s Ok. I think that every human is in doubt sometimes. But in the shooting is very important to trust. Trust and believe others and yourself (of course.) It’s true that somebody has a problem with his self-confidence (many people.) Problem with low self-confidence is almost like illness in these times. This sport (or something different) can be very helpful for you if you are struggling with low self-confidence. So If you want to try shooting and you are full of stress and fear from this act, don´t be afraid. Our team will help you with everything.


Just listen to your trainer. You have to try everything; life is short and beautiful presence. You have to enjoy your life if you really want to try shooting, let´s go and stop doubts about it. Maybe you will know that this is not for you, it’s not wrong. But most people really enjoy it when they try it and it looks like an addiction. Because if you like adrenalin, shooting is a great way of relaxing for you. If you want to try it, don´t forget to book your date! It’s really important for us to know about your presence. In every situation take care of yourself because if you will switch your powers, it can be dangerous for you so listen to our team and their recommendations. Every important information and type of our guns you can find on our web! Don´t forget to enjoy it!