Is it good idea to download scanner app iPhone?

At the present time, iPhones are one of the most, if not the most popular and sought after type of smart mobile phone. And it´s no wonder, after all it basically functions like pocket comuputer, which you can customize to your liking.

It can not only make and recieve calls and SMS messages, but also, thanks to its compatibility with most types of wi-fi signal, you can download one of the many applications (or apps for short), that are available.


There are plenty of them with many purposes, ranging from internet browsers to games to e-book readers. One of the newer ones, that is gaining popularity pretty fast, is scanner. It can be used to scan not only basic written documents, but also photographs and more. You cant hen store them in your phone, so you can allways find them, even if you don´t have the original at hand at that moment.

But, as with all things, we must ask ourselves if it really is that good idea to download scanner app iPhone. After all, it not only takes up memory space, but also brings several risks, which is good to know about.


One of them, and also the most known, is downloading not only the application, but also hidden computer virus with it. It can then either mess up your phone, or it can operate sečetly and send your stolen data to its creator. And given how many personal informatik we store in our smart phones, it´s clear that this isn´t something to be taken lightly.

We can mostly avoid this danger by downloading not only scanner, but any app from reputable source and creator. But even then we aren´t completely safe.

So, before you download any application, ask yourselves if you really need it and if it really gets that much use. Trust me, it´s not only better for your security, but also for your phone. And security i sone of the most important things. After all, for example identity theft isn´t anything pleasant.